Recharter not done: what do I do?

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Tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, 2016 is the first of our three recharter application turn-in nights. I have already had email communications with many of the units who’s applications for rechartering are due in the next 24 hours.

One of the questions that is a rising implicitly is whether they should attend if their paperwork is not 100% in order yet.

Simply put, yes, they should attend.

There are many reasons for this:

  1. We can identify problems in the paperwork, sometimes the unit may not be aware of the problem exists. The sooner all problems are identified, the faster unit usually is in completing the rechartering process. 
  2. Knowing what problems really exist drastically reduces the stress in the unit associated with rechartering.
  3. Allowing the district commissioner and his staff to know what problems exist allows the district to offer resources to fix problems. For example, if a unit has many people who need youth protection training, it makes it easier for the district to offer a live training session at one of the unit meetings.
  4. If one of the volunteers and a unit refuses to do youth protection training in a timely manner and this can cause the unit rechartering to fail, the district staff can attempt to support the unit by contacting the recalcitrant volunteer directly. If that fails, the district can work in cooperation with the unit to find other solutions.
  5. Often volunteers get stuck in the rechartering software. We have had success with units coming with nothing prepared and walking out with the process nearly done. We’ve had many compliments about how far this turn-in meeting has helped them proceed through the process.
  6. Some units do not have enough money in their account to cover dues. This allows the district to better understand win dues payments will be made and work cooperatively with the unit.
  7. It assists novice rechartering leaders to learn the process with face to face tech-support.
  8. The district staff will be able to enter information into the council’s database on This means if the unit has any future questions for the commissioner, district executive, or registrar, that support person will be able to look online for any information previously provided. This will make unit support and problem-solving much more efficient.

Simply put, the turn-in meeting is designed to expedite rechartering. It is not simply a matter of accepting completed applications.

As part of this process we will have a photo copier and Internet access with laptops. This will allow us to help any unit move their process along.

All units attending will either receive notification that the district believes their applications for rechartering are 100% in order or will receive a written check list of items to be completed. In either case this information will be entered in the council’s database on rechartering.

We look forward to seeing every unit at their scheduled turn in time.