Rechartering Update

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Tomorrow night is the last Recharter Turn In Night. We will be first come, first serve at St Luke’s UMC’s Luke’s Lodge (a lot of apostrophes) from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. (We often start slow and get busier through the night, so word to the wise.)

Congratulations to Troop 514 and Troop 56, in order of submission, to be the first units to (a) turn in all paperwork and all dues payments, and (b) certify all of their adult leaders as Trained!

We also have 22 (updated: 11/9, 12:20 pm 20) Gold Journey to Excellence units and 1 Bronze.

At this time we have only 5 units that have not submitted their rosters online. Of these, we already have plans in place on how to proceed.

The great news is that 7 units that have submitted all of their paperwork but are working on completing their training.

In addition we have 11 units that have submitted some of their paperwork but have technical problems. Many of these also have training needed.

All units have open lines of communication with the District staff. Thank you for that.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow to wrap this up! (Please come no matter what stage your paperwork is in.)