Rechartering Report: Deadline +1 Day

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Our District deadline for Rechartering passed yesterday November 20, 2016. Here is a report of how we are doing.

The following units have been approved by the registrar for 2017 rechartering with (1) 100% training, (2) all paperwork, and (3) all dues paid (total 6 units):

  • Pack 35, and
  • Troops 35, 56,73, 269, 514.

The following units have the same 3 criteria met but are awaiting the registrar’s ratification. The registrar handles these first-come, first-serve from across the council, so when ratification will come is unknowable. (Total 5 units.)

  • Packs 105, 514, 586, and
  • Troop 191, and 804.

The following units have completed all paperwork and paid all dues, they have training requirements yet to fulfill. When training is complete, these will be submitted to the registrar. (Total 12 units.)

  • Packs 18, 64, 171, 174, 175, 179, 358 (almost all veteran tribes)
  • Troop 18, 358, 586.

Three units have turned in paperwork but have defects in their submission and likely need training. (3 units)

  • Packs 84 and 358-2.
  • Crew 408.

The following units have submitted their rosters online but have submitted no paperwork. All have had extensive communications with the DE or the commissioners. Many are waiting for the Chartered Organization execute documents. Many of these have promised to do that by Tuesday, November 22, 2016. (5 units)

  • Troops 69, 174, and 343 and
  • Crews 69 and 358.

The remaining units have nothing turned in either on paper or online. That leaves us with 4 units to get paperwork wrapped up and finalized. All have had extensive communications. Many have extenuating circumstances involving family emergencies among the Key 3. Families in those units could be very helpful in offering to lift some of the burden off the current leaders to get their rechartering done.