Notes on Camporee

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Here are the minutes of last Sunday’s Winter Camporee Meeting from Chair Curtis Shrote:

Note: would troops 586 and 514 please contact me offline.
Mark Pishon, 358
John Wiebke, 358
Brian Crow, 343
David Salima, 269
Carter Keith, DIstrict
Rick Aker, DIstrict
Con Sullivan, District
Chad Galer, 69
Pete Holtz, 56
Toby Hlade, 358
Mike Faulk, 56
Curtis Shrote, 804
My apologies if I did not collect someones attendance.
There was a discussion concerning the packet sent Saturday:
Clarification – Friday night cracker barrel is for scoutmaster and SPLs this will be corrected in the final packet.
I will review with Todd, the remaining cooking arrangements to determine if they will be providing coffee during the day on Saturday. Regardless, there will be coffee.
Chad (T69) corrected me – I do now recall him telling me their event which was “Help Me I’m freezing” – I will correct this and send out an update early next week. My apologies on my forgetfulness.
Mark will look into an inflatable screen. (Thanks Mark). It was mentioned that a painters drop cloth also might work. I happen to have one so will bring it as backup.
The course for the sled race will begin at the dining hall and proceed into the activity field. This will be a timed course with each sled being released at at a timed offset much like Olympic X-country skiing events.
Curtis Shrote