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From Camp Card Chair Andrew Himebaugh:

Popcorn selling season is over, so now it’s Camp Card time

Now in its 4th year, most Scouts and Scouters are aware of the Camp Card program.  In summary, the Camp Card program supplements the popcorn sales, not replaces it.  Scouts and their families sell cards with various discount offers for $5.  Half the selling price benefits the Scouts and Scouting unit, the other half benefits Crossroads Council.  Because the cards are sold on commission, there is no financial risk, assuming the unit returns unsold cards and pays for the cards sold by the due date.

The Camp Card Program is so named as a means for Scouts to pay for summer camp.  The money raised can be used for other unit activities, such as monthly outings, camporees, buying merchandise at the Scout Shop, or for high adventure trips, such as Philmont or Sea Base.  It could also be used to pay a Scout’s dues.  It all depends on how your unit leadership want to promote the program to your Scouts.

This year’s card program runs March 1st thru April 14th.  Units were contacted last month and to place their initial order by February 10th to ensure cards were available for sale at the start.

HOWEVER, IT IS NOT too late for your unit to get started.  The Council will accept orders (and reorders) at any time up to the last day of the sales period.  Go to to get more detailed information and the link to order cards.

This year’s Camp Card features 8 discount offers – 5 snap-offs (one-time use discounts, expire 8/31/17) and 3 unlimited, repeat-use offers (expire 12/31/17).

In past years I have noted that Camp Cards take up less room in the garage of your Camp Card chair than does popcorn.  However, this year I have to confess it will take up twice the space of previous years due to the increased number of snap-off offers.

As previously noted, the cards sell for $5 each.  The unit keeps 50% of the sale per card and credits it to the Scout’s Troop account, or into the camping fund.

Unsold cards after the end of the sale, and $2.50/card sold, are due to the Council Service Center by May 1st.  No unsold cards will be accepted for return after this date.  They become the financial responsibility of the unit.  In addition, balances owed AFTER May 1st will be charged at $3.75 per card (75% of the selling price) instead of $2.50 per card (50% of the selling price).

Our longtime supporter, Marsh Supermarkets, has once again agreed to allow units to schedule storefront sales directly with each store’s manager.  However, unlike last year, we are only allowed to do these sales March 20 to April 14.  We cannot sell at the same time another Scouting group sells cookies.  The other card sponsors have asked that we NOT sell cards in front of their store.  There is, however, no restrictions on selling cards at other locations, such as banks.

This was a no-brainer program.  No tracking multiple products.  No up-front payments.  Simple.  Cards out, money in, pay the Council on time.  Marsh customers with a Fresh Idea card get 100% value of the card right back (and Marsh will supply the Fresh Idea cards for anyone not having one).  Then the purchaser still has other money saving discounts available to them.  College students can save weekly with the Papa John’s reusable 40% off discount.

Scouting families can benefit another way.  They pay $5 for a Camp Card, minus the single use $5 Marsh coupon to use with their weekly grocery shopping, equals $0 cost.  Benefit:  $2.50 per card credited towards summer camp; that much less to pay next summer.  Total outlay:  negative $2.50.  Forward thinking – buy 20 cards, one for each week of shopping, outlay $100, minus $100 in Marsh coupons, PLUS a $50 credit towards summer camp!  And don’t forget the $50 going to the Council to support Scouting!  PLUS all the other discounts.

As I said, a no brainer!


How do you get started?  Select a unit coordinator (maybe even your popcorn kernel) and place an initial order for Camp Cards at .

How many should you order?  A scout, on average, will sell 10 to 20 cards average.  Ambitious or motivating Scouts will sell more once they see the personal benefit.  My unit usually average 20 per youth with 2/3 selling.  Keep in mind there is the opportunity to place supplemental orders, so do not over-order.

And now, WHY to sell Camp Cards?  As for any businessman, it comes down to numbers.  Although Crossroads of America Council is entering its fourth year of the program, nationally, BSA Camp Cards have been sold since 2007.  According to a BSA National meeting presentation on Camp Cards, success stories include:

  • 26,500 Youth in Orlando, Florida, in their 4th year of sales, sold $1,100,000 in Camp Cards.
  • In a smaller market, 7,100 youth in Griffin, Georgia sold $280,000 in Camp Cards.
  • Closer to home, 16,100 Scouts in Louisville, KY sold $450,000 in their 3rd year of sales.
  • In our council, in the first year of sales, 185 units sold 27,119 cards generating $135,593 in retail sales, or 67,797.50 for the units and an equal amount for the Council.  The second year, 258 units sold 34,336 cards for $171,680, split equally for $85,840 for units and for the Council.  Last year, sales continued to grow, with 287 units selling 43,620 for $218,100, earning $109,050 for units and for the Council.
  • Even closer to home, in the first year of card sales, one Troop in North Star sold $2,490 in cards, with the top seller earning about $125 towards summer camp.  One North Star Pack sold $2,175, or $1,087.50 added to their summer camp budget.

So sales continue to climb.  Can we hit $300,000 this year?


What can Camp Cards do for your members?  Camp Cards allow more youth to experience the great outdoors.  They help to eliminate the financial barriers that may keep your members from attending camp, while the Scout learns the value of their efforts.  They can teach Scouts personal responsibility and self-reliance.  The Scouts learn money management, gain experience in sales, planning, and goal setting.


What do they do for your unit?  They increase the community awareness of Scouting and of your unit.  The increase Scout participation in unit activities.  More Scouts having fun means more Scouts talking up Scouting to their schoolmates, increasing membership.

The program can also address important aspects of JTE.  Financially, Camp Cards are a new source of income to build a stronger foundation for your unit.  Membership wise, Camp Cards help to minimize financial barriers that may keep your members from participating, or even renewing their membership, thereby increasing member retention.  And as a final example, for programming, Camp Cards provides the funds needed to increase summer camp participation and summer camping programs.


What do Camp Cards do for the Council?  Camp Cards support Council programming, recruit new members, provides resources for at-risk youth programs, leader training, direct program support to Charter Organizations, and maintain the outstanding camping facilities your Scouts enjoy.

A Win for Scouting all around.

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