Executive Committee Recommends District Re-alignment

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The Executive Committee of Crossroads of America Council has made a recommendation to the full Board of Directors to re-align the districts in our council.

The plan, if approved by the Board in early March, would move the southern border of North Star District southward from 38th Street to 30th Street from Keystone to MLK Blvd. Then down to 16th Street over to Tibbs Avenue.CAC patch

This would result in the Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church (Pack 72 and Troop 72) and St Richards School (Pack 747 and Troop 180) joining our district.

Unrelated to North Star District, the plan would abolish T-Sun-Gani District, i.e., Center Township’s district. The remaining part of that district, not absorbed by North Star, would be split between Pioneer and Hou-Koda Districts. Further Old Trail and Iron Horse would merge. Part of their districts in Eastern Hancock County (15 units) would be absorbed by Pioneer District. No After-School units are affected, since they are administered separately.

This realignment would strengthen all districts and result in larger volunteer pools to support the units.

This re-alignment would also have the Order of the Arrow Chapter Lowaneu Allanque and Firecrafter Ember cover only North Star District once again.

As a result of anticipating this re-alignment, North Star District has invited its future, new units to participate in the Unit Key 3 Conference tonight. So if you see some strange unit numbers, don’t be surprised.