Cub Scout Camping: When do we schedule it?

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When to schedule summer camp?

Simply put . . . now. Reservations are open now.

Outdoor activities are absolutely crucial to building a scout’s passion for scouting and for retaining the family.

image_14278911260_1827Few families stay with scouting without a determined and repeated contact with camping and outdoor activities.

For a Cub Scout Pack leader, recruiting families to participate in Camp Belzer Cub Scout Day Camp or Camp Kikthawenund Webelos Overnight Adventure Camp means a quick measure of the likelihood of the boy’s participation in scouting 24 months later. A scout may miss the following summer camp and still remain with the pack. But he is less likely to attend the following year and then is more likely to drop out.

For Cubs who have done Camp Belzer, a great option is to try Adventure Camp. It is open for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. It takes fewer days but has more overnights. This is much more amenable to a busy family’s schedule.

Many packs offer both camps. It takes a few more adults, but has great success.

Busy families plan months ahead. To persuade them to do summer camp, you need to make the sales pitch now. Lock the time in.

Send emails. Put it on your Facebook feed. Talk about it at a meeting. Bring the District’s Camping Committee members in to promote camping. Then, and most importantly, make a phone tree to individually call families and ask them to attend. If you do not make the ask to each family, their participation will be less likely.

If you have families who have tough questions, ask the District Camping Committee for advice or ask them to call the family. Contact Camping Chair Rick Aker for more information. (If that email does not work, let me know.)

We are here to help your Cub Scout Pack have a wonderful year in retention.