500 Festival Parade Planning Begins

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We have a long tradition in this Council of assisting with the chair setup at the 500 Festival Parade. This tradition is so ingrained, it takes little thought or preparation to run. Old habits just run the show.

With the expected formal approval of the reorganizatin of our districts at the March 29, 2017 Council board meeting, it is going to force to have to communicate more than in the past.

We already know that T’Sun Gani’s units already work certain sections of the parade route. North Star units work other sections. With the realignment of the districts, we will need to make sure that knowledge is shared with the District leadership. This will allow us to maintain old traditions where practicable, but allow us to move forward together, too.

We should also expect some changes within other districts that would cause us to have unforeseen changes. Pioneer District is picking up several old T’Sun Gani units. How Pioneer chooses to handle manpower issues is up to them. It is foreseeable that they may want to consolidate the locale of work for easier management. What would that do to our North Star units?

Old Trail and Iron Horse joining together to become the new Bear Creek District may have other impacts.

This is just one example of issues that we may see over the coming months. Since a “Scout is . . . helpful, friendly, [and] courteous . . .,” we need to work to anticipate where these changes could affect us moving forward.