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We will be offering two trainings at Spring Camporee.

In the last seven days, Scoutmaster Specific has been added online at, so no face-to-face session will be offered for this.

1. IOLS and OWLS in one class

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) concurrent with Outdoor Webelos Leadership Skills (OWLS) will be offered Friday and Saturday. Sign up is available here. IOLS is offered only face-to-face and is required for any Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster to recharter in that position in the Fall of 2017. Please note that the sign up looks like there are two separate classes, but these are, in fact, two sessions of the same class. Attendees must participate from Friday evening and all-day Saturday.

The same is true for OWLS of any Webelos Den Leader rechartering in the fall. Since Webelos now requires a heavier dose of patrol method training, this training is crucial to increase the quality of a Webelos Den experience.

Instructors will be Jeff Heck, District Commissioner; John Wiebke, District Chair; hopefully one scouter-extraordinaire to-be-named later; and Con Sullivan, District Executive. Other faculty are invited to teach modules, too. Contact Jeff Heck if you wish to teach module. The more, the merrier.

Ideal adult candidates for this training on future Scoutmasters, ASM’s, Webelos Den Leaders, and persons holding those positions now and wishing to recharter for 2018 in the same position. This session is useful for Junior Assistant Scoutmasters. Eagle Scouts since 2002 are automatically credited with completing this class because they lived the modern curriculum. Older Eagle Scouts are not grandfathered because of the significant advancement curriculum change in 2002.

2. CPR/AED for Adults and Children

We will also offer CPR/AED training courtesy of Kevin Neese from Troop 269. Sign up is available here for the morning or afternoon session. Please note that the afternoon session will not be held without a minimum of three participants or a full morning class.  This is required for at least one person to have on some scout outings under the Guide to Safe Scouting.

The curriculum will address resuscitating adults and children (not infants).

The class is open to adults and youth. To pass, all participants must demonstrate the ability to learn and retain the information and perform the physically demanding chest compressions. Sometimes sustaining adequate chest compressions are difficult for smaller youth because of the force production required.

IMPORTANT NOTE to Scoutmasters

Troops that do send participants to training still need to provide adequate adult or youth leaders to help staff the camporee. If your adults are participating in training, make sure you bring extra adults.

Staffing the camporee in order to serve our scouts will take priority over class participation.


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