Good Resources for new Cub Leaders

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So you have just joined a Cub Pack or have been recruited to serve as a Den Leader or Cubmaster. What do you need to know?

First, get trained for your position. At the most basic, you can take online training at You will need to create an online profile first. Regardless whether you are registered as a leader yet or not, you can take the training. If you register later, you just need to add your BSA ID number to your online “Profile” to link the information together.

Second, seriously consider doing face-to-face position specific training, regardless if you did the National Council’s training. National focuses on philosophy. Local gives you more information about local resources.

Third, get to know the Cub Learning Library and  Cub Corner on the national website. It is full of good information and publications that you can download for free. The most important are scripts for your den meetings. Other handy tools are forms.

Fourth, make sure you have the Cub Leader Guide Book or Den Leader Guidebook. These are available through in paper or Kindle formats. See example of Bear Den Leader Guidebook.

Fifth, get to know great online resources such as or the Cub Scout Leader Portal on

Sixth, find out what advancement software or record keeping your pack uses. See if you can learn how to use it to the level expected of your position.

These are great resources, but don’t forget that the biggest resource you have is the other parents. Experienced or inexperienced, they are your resources. If you can find the meeting agenda you want, you can and should delegate meetings to other parents to lead. You then can focus on discipline and efficiency of the meeting. The special guest parent can focus on program and snacks.

Good luck in your new Cub Scout year! Make it great!