Website Tinkering

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If you have been following, you will notice some changes in the right column of our webpage and the potential for some differences when you view the website on a mobile device.

In the right column, all of the old functions remain. A couple have been added. There is now a Facebook Feed for the CAC North Star Commissioner Page. This feed will include a mix of the articles posted to this website as well as less serious but hopefully interesting Facebook posts or third party websites. This is where Facebook updates from around the District and even the Council appear. For example, there were a couple of posts about Crew 408’s trek to Philmont or another crew out of district’s current trip to the International Scout Centre in Kundersteg, Switzerland.

Of the old functions, many of the links that used to take up so much space down the side of the page or at the bottom of the mobile view have been folded into drop down menus. The goal is to be able to speed your view of the page.

A new category for recent additions to the District Calendar has been added.

Hopefully these changes will be useful.