Cub Scout Back to School Planning

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Thank you to all of our Cub Scout Packs for sending representatives to our Membership Rally on July 22nd. We had only two units that could not send representatives that day. They had their material picked up within two business days!

That is fanastic. Thank you for being so dedicated to your boys and the growth of their units.

Now the work begins.

Remember, families are easiest to recruit when they know what they are being asked to do. That means that you need a Pack Annual Calendar, a cost of the program per scout for the year, clear publications stating the Pack dues and their due dates. I highly recommend setting tentative den meeting times. Make it clear that the dens can change times.

The council is working to recruit Latino boys. If you feel that your unit would be well served by having a Spanish speaking interpreter at Back to School Night, please email Jeff and let him know the dates you need the interpreter. We cannot guarantee all requests can be fulfilled, especially all on the same night. Even so, if we don’t have a request for services, we can’t serve.

If you have other questions, please let us know as early as you can, so that we can help solve problems.