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A message from Patrick to the Executive Board of Crossroads of America Council to the Executive Board this morning:Sterrett

Executive Board-

Ed Bonach has asked me to communicate the following to you.

This past Tuesday morning, our Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh asked me to join his team as the Assistant Chief Scout Executive- Operations. I have great admiration for Mike, respect his managerial courage and look forward to learning from him. I accepted and begin Nov 16.

Lori and I have enjoyed CAC and Indiana.  Quite frankly, this position (or the Chief’s job of course :)) was the only role that could draw us from CAC.

I met with our staff leadership team on Wednesday morning.  I communicated this change to the entire staff this morning.  They are a great team!

We had an Executive Committee meeting call this morning.  We are blessed with a terrific Executive Committee and Board.

Ed will immediately begin the Scout Executive selection process and will discuss this in more depth at the Wednesday Board meeting.  He/she will be on board in early January.  The new [Scout Executive] will be lucky to serve with you.

Our council is strong.  We are in great fiscal position.  Membership is growing. The staff is energized and outstanding.  We have tremendous volunteer depth and quality.  We are blessed with top notch facilities.  This change at the top will be a speed bump not a roadblock because of you and your passion for our mission.

I appreciate you and thank you for your un-wavering support of me and the Scouting movement.  Scouting is strong and will grow again across the Nation just as it is doing here in central Indiana.

An email will be sent to all BSA employees and National/Regional volunteers later this afternoon.


Patrick W. Sterrett  |  Scout Executive / CEO

Crossroads of America Council

This is a huge gain for the National Council and an equal loss for the Crossroads of America Council. Patrick has been instrumental in providing a strong vision moving forward and recruiting personnel capable of carrying out that vision.

He will be missed.