Recharter Update

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With the last recharter turn-in only 36 hours away, as of this writing, it is time to look at how the district’s rechartering is proceeding.

NOTE: This year we have the added wrench in the gears that our district executives were switched mid-stream. That is requiring a bit of extra effort to make sure everyone is on the same page. In addition, I have a suspicion that there is a technical glitch in our backoffice reporting system. I have made inquiries to the administrator.

Please understand that any confusion or misinformation arising from these changes is not intentional. As I communicate with units, please understand that I am working on the best information available. I expect that we will have any problems ironed out by Friday. I will post updates on this page as they become available.

As of this writing, only five of our 39 units have not logged into the rechartering system. For those five units, that leaves you only 36 hours to do all of the online work before your paperwork’s final deadline arrives at tomorrow night’s final recharter turn-in.

Of the remaining 34 units, the commissioner, executive and registrar have approved two units to post, meaning they are done and approved at all levels: Troops 343 and 512.

The charter agreement, application to recharter, and JTE scorecard have been received from the units listed below. Whether there remain any problems is yet to be finalized. These units will be informed or received a punchlist at turn-in identifying if problems are identified. Packs 18, 64, 105, 514, and Troops 358, 514, 804.

The following units have finalized their rosters online but still have paperwork to turn in, according  to my records (please review the note above on updating information). Packs 72, 84, 171, 175, 179, 358, 358-2, 358-3, 358-4, 358-5, Troops 18, 69, and 269.

The following units have worked with the commissioner service and generated a mutually agreed punch list of outstanding tasks. We are awaiting those items being completed, hopefully tomorrow night. Packs 35, 174, 747, 830, Troops 56, 73, Crews 56, 358, and 408.

Finally Troop 180 has been in contact with me about the current status and plans to complete.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that put so much effort into this tedious but necessary process this year. While you may not get the recognition you deserve, you are providing a valuable service.

Please let me, Jessica, or Mat Gerdenich know what we can do to help you finish rechartering by tomorrow night’s turn-in.