Recharter Update

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As of Tuesday noon, we have 25 units as JTE Gold, 2 JTE Silver, 2 JTE Bronze, and one did not qualify. That leaves 9 unreported.

Similarly for rechartering, we have the original 4 units that were ready to post, meaning that the registrar had approved their Applications to Renew Charter. Since that time, the registrar has been inundated with new packages and the approval count for our district has stalled completely.

That means that we have 9 units that have submitted paperwork and been approved by the District Executive and Commissioner, but have not yet been processed by the regisrar. These are Packs 35, 514, and 830; Troops 18, 56, 72, and 514; and Crews 56 and 408.

We have 16 units that have defects that have been communicated to the units. Most of these are missing minor items like dues payment or a missing signature. Of these most have scheduled times to get these completed so that we can close rechartering by the end of the month. If your unit has not scheduled a date of completion, please let us know.

We have 3 units have completed their online rosters but submitted no paperwork. Another 3 units have started the online rechartering but not submitted the final roster. Yet another 3 units that have not started the process.

Thank you to all of those unit leaders that have worked so hard to get us to this point. It is a thankless job.