Firecrafter Communications and Database Upgrade

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From Firecrafter Ember Advisor Greg Hoyes:


Firecrafter has joined the 21st Century!  We now have an online membership database and email system.  No more managing a personal contact list and sending emails through my GMaill account!

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So, we need everyone to login and farmilarize themselves with the new system.  To start, go to and click “access the database” from the main page, or here is the direct link  As directed, link the Forgot Password link and then enter the email address that you think is associated with the account, along with the bot preventing code.  Then you should get an email with a temporary password and the ability to finish your account login setup.
If it does not work, your email may have changed, be under a parent’s email (youth), or some other database issue.  To gain access, please email with your name, Firecrafter year, and updated email address.
Firecrafter adults (21+), the new system also tracks dues and will “suspend” you from the Ember emails if your dues are not current.  This would be a great time to get your dues current, or pay the lifetime membership, so we can keep you involved in the North Star Ember.  Dues payments are handled as the Firecrafter Council level and the Council Secretary will be able to assist you with payment and getting you reinstated in the system.
I did send a test email from the new system at 9:00 on 1-8-2018, so if you did not get that, your email address may be wrong in the database or your dues are not current for adult members.
I will continue to send emails using both the database system and this distribution list until February 15, then all emails after that will only be through the new system.  Please try to make sure you have access to the system before that deadline, so you can stay informed on what is happening in the North Star Ember.
If you have any questions, I can provide very basic help, but cannot do anything to help with the system login, so contact for more assistance.
Yours in the Fire
Greg Hoyes XXX
North Star Ember Advisor