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Boy Scouts will become “Scouts BSA.” The organization’s name will remain same. That was what former Crossroads of America Council Executive Patrick Sterrett advocated for as he moved to Number 2 in the BSA. It looks like his recommendation held true.

Here is the AP version.

Here is Scouting Wire’s more detailed version. This includes information on “Scout Me In” recruitment campaign.

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UPDATED 5/3/18: Here is local council’s press release:

For more information, contact:
Name: Mary Owens
Phone: (317) 813-7080

Boy Scouts of America announces
older youth program name change

Indianapolis, Ind.- May 2, 2018 -Today Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced a name change of the older youth program for ages 11-18 – the new name will be Scouts BSA.

Our program offerings and our overall organization name is not changing. The Scouts BSA change only affects the 11-18 age program.

We know our programs work! Character and leadership development is vital for all youth.

The decision to welcome young women is a response to requests from our current families. This is an opportunity for all young people to be a part of the BSA movement. The fact is young women have been asking to be fully integrated into our programs and to have the opportunity to earn the rank of Eagle for years.

This was not a rash decision. Our national office has been conducting focus groups and research for quite some time. Research shows our programs are applicable to both boys and girls.

In addition, our movement has been providing programs for young women since 1969 with our Exploring career discovery program. Participation in camping events for the entire family has also been available for years.

For many, the overarching concern is youth protection. BSA takes youth protection very seriously— for both boys and girls.

BSA’s new youth protection training released in February is second to none, and training is required for all leaders and volunteers. Again, our youth protection policy is not gender specific, it is youth protection for all.

Boy Scouts of America is offering a new choice for young women, and we are excited to be a part of this movement. There are many youth organizations families may choose from. The decision of what program to be a part of is up to each family and young adult.

The Boy Scouts of America programs are:

  • Cub Scouts– For boys and girls ages 5-11, in separate groups by age and gender.
  • Scouts BSA-For young men ages 11-18. Beginning in February 2019, young men and women ages 11-18, in separate groups by age and gender.
  • STEM Scouts– Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program for young men and women in 3rd-12th grade. Youth are separated by school age group, elementary, middle, and high school.
  • Venture Scouts– High-adventure based program for young men and women ages14-20.
  • Exploring– Career development program for young men and women ages 10-20.
  • Sea Scouts– Sailing based program young men and women ages 14-20.
    Girls wanting to join Cub Scouts across the country may do so on June 11th this year. The Scout BSA program will begin registration for young women in February of 2019.

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