Roundtable Notes – Aug 9 2018

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From District Commissioner Stephen Heath:

1 – Adult Leader Recruiting / Retention

At our August 9th Roundtable, attendees discussed the need to recruit and train adult leaders in order to sustain the cub and boy scout programs.  A few ideas that came forth included:

  • Provide a parent welcome guide for new parents, explaining operations of the unit and expectations for parent involvement
  • Provide an adult talent sheet to understand occupations and skills, which could be deployed as den leaders, future treasurers, advancement chairs, merit badge counselors and cub/scoutmasters.
  • The packs and troops can do more to work closely to ensure that both boys and adults are recruited. Several troop leaders offered to help support pack recruiting events. This also helps connect the troops to help retain boy and adult membership through crossover.
  • Several units stated that they have parent packets in use. Pack 830 provided their guides in case another pack would like to use some of that content.

LINK:  Cub Scout Pack 830 Guide


2 – CAC Fall Service Events:  “Good Turn for Nature”

Crossroads of America Council is sponsoring service events this fall around the theme of Good Turn for Nature.  Details are available at  Along those lines, Dan Corum and Pack 358 have opened up their trail cleanup service project to others in the district who might be interested in attending with their boys.  The event is Oct 6th, from 10 AM to 12 PM, and anyone interested should contact Dan at


3 – Recording of Service Hours

Are you recording your service hours, as we get close to recharter and filling out our Journey to Excellence? Here are some helps.

Record Service Hours (BSA) Video


4 – Pack 105 Five-year Program Plan

Pack 105 recently shared its 5-year program plan to help provide a well-structure program with intentional variety so that each boys gets a diverse experience in his 5 years as a cub scout. There are also Webelos campout plans, and a guide for teaching the Whittling Chip. If anyone is interested in those program helps, please let Jessica, Mark or I know, and we’ll make that information available to you, courtesy of John Salewicz.


5 – “One Hike per Month” (& September Roundtable “homework”)

Finally, we have an outstanding action from the spring for Troops in the District to organize one hike per month for the cub/boy scout units, as a means to keep the outing and comradery in scouting. For troops with the means to support this, please be prepared to sign up for specific months and events at the September Roundtable.


The next Roundtable is on September 13, 7:00 pm at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

September Roundtable topics are:

– Cub Scouts:  Den Leader Training

– Boy Scouts (Family Scouts):  Leadership Training Opportunities / Firecrafter and OA Programs


Yours in Scouting,

Stephen Heath, North Star District Commissioner