What is a “Youth Talk” or “Lunch Talk?”

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My counterparts and I will be hosting 4 opportunities for volunteers to come learn about youth talks, as well as receive some demonstration/example as to what it may look like. We want to EMPOWER our volunteers with the knowledge to be able to do these talks, as opposed to just asking them for help.


On both July 16th, and July 22nd, we will host these trainings in the Shaheen Rooms of Golden-Burke Scout Center. There will be two sessions, one at 6:30pm, and the next beginning at 7:15pm. These are meant to be short trainings, with the opportunity to ask questions after. Volunteers who attend this training will be prepared and knowledgeable about what a youth talk looks like and best practices to conduct one.

July 16thhttps://scoutingevent.com/160-youthtalktraining

July 22ndhttps://scoutingevent.com/160-youthtalktraining2

Eddie Stahl  |  District Director — Del-Mi & North Star Districts


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    […] Learn about Youth Talks here […]


    […] Learn about Youth Talks here […]


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