Followup to November Roundtable – Life to Eagle Process

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On behalf of the District Eagle Team, we want to thank you for coming and participating in our update on the Eagle Process.  As promised, this email has the documentation regarding the items we discussed on Thursday evening.  First, let me give the email addresses for the Projects Team and the Board:

                                PROJECTS TEAM:    


Crossroads has a website which addresses each of the items (12) which need to be accomplished to complete your Eagle Project and Application.  This website is as follows:


Here are some project restrictions and limitations:

  • Fundraising is permitted only for facilitating a project. Efforts that primarily collect money, even for worthy charities, are not permitted.  Any leftover funds are to be returned to the benefactor.
  • Routine labor, like a service a Scout may provide as part of their daily life such as mowing or weeding a church lawn, is not normally appropriate. However, if a project scale and impact are sufficient to require planning and leadership, then it may be considered.
  • Projects are not to be of a commercial nature or for a business, though some aspects of a business operation provided as a service, such as a community park, may qualify.
  • The Scout is not responsible for any maintenance of a project once it is completed.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the project process, fund raising or the Board of Review, please feel free to contact us at the email addresses noted above.

To the prospective candidates who were in attendance, good luck as you begin the Eagle process.

Yours in Scouting,

Rick Aker

Eagle Projects Chair

NorthStar District

Eagle Project Points


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    […] Followup to November Roundtable – Life to Eagle Process […]


    […] Followup to November Roundtable – Life to Eagle Process […]


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