2020 Ransburg Camp Staff Applications – now open

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from: Ryan Kelleher
2020 Ransburg Camp Staff Applications – Now Open
Dear 2019 Camp Coordinators,
Serving on summer camp staff is a defining experience for many Scouts and one that helps to solidify the skills learned over their entire Scouting experience – all in one summer.
Applications for the 2020 Ransburg Summer Camp Staff are now open, and we need your help to get the word out! Would you be willing to send this email or an announcement out to all Scouts, Parents, and Leaders in your Troop?
Interviews begin occurring over the first weekend in January (Jan. 4-5, 2020), with additional interviews in March and beyond. Scouts are encouraged to apply prior to the January Interview Weekend.
Why should you want Scouts in your Troop to work on camp staff? Scouts who work on camp staff will return to your Troop at the end of the summer as stronger leaders with a newfound enthusiasm for the Scouting program. Staff members frequently say it was the best summer of their lives. Decades later they often still believe it was “the best job they ever had”. If that’s not reason enough, here’s a quick video from the American Camp Association touting the benefits of working on camp staff. Why work on Ransburg Scout Reservation staff in particular; click here for a fun video that tells you why!
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. The summer camp season is 10 weeks long, however staff members can take time off for Philmont, family vacations, summer camp, or for other reasons. A staff member does not need to be at camp all 10 weeks.
  2. Minimum age is 15 years old: Scouts who are 15 serve as a Counselor in Training; an excellent tailored experience where they rotate around to program areas of their choosing throughout the summer.
  3. Key leadership positions are available for those 18+ years old. So, please forward the application link to former Scouts now in college. It is a great summer job! Should a college student choose working on camp staff over an internship? Well this article makes a compelling argument.
We appreciate your help to get the word out! The unparalleled experience that we offer at Ransburg Scout Reservation each summer is possible because of our camp counselors and staff, and we thank you for helping us to find that next great camp counselor.
Questions? Reach out to HR@ransburgbsa.org. FYI-The application link above is the same link for other council camps. For questions regarding other council camps please call the Crossroads of America Council at 317.813.7125.
Yours in Scouting,
2020 Leadership Team
Ransburg Scout Reservation
***This email was sent to all 2019 Ransburg Camp Coordinators**

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