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Jennifer Beyer

Mon, Mar 23, 11:41 AM (2 days ago)

On the Commissioner website, the following was given.


Virtual Scouting Resources_03.2020 

There have been challenging times throughout Scouting’s history, including war, economic depression, and natural disasters. Each time, Scouts have met those challenges by focusing on helping others – and have grown strong in the process. As our nation responds to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to find ways for its youth to keep on Scouting.

The social distancing practices needed to slow the spread of the virus limit our ability for traditional meetings of all types. Resources and tools are available to help implement virtual meetings that enable Scouting to continue. Many resources have already come online; more are being added daily.

Here’s a list of resources available today. We’ll continue to provide more as they become available.


Google Search for Virtual Scouting Resources_03.2020

A Google search is a quick and easy way to identify virtual Scouting resources.

Simply enter “BSA Virtual Scouting.” Some discretion will be needed in identifying the best resources, but thousands – literally thousands – of options will be displayed.


Calling All Virtual Scouting Best Practices_03.2020

  • The Scouting spirit is alive and well: a long list of resources to enable virtual Scouting is already available. A new national council webpage, which will continue to expand, is up and running with key information and resources:
  • Bryan on Scouting is an official BSA Scouting Magazine resource; subscribe if you haven’t done so already; it will be a great, ongoing resource on a variety of topics: 

If you know a great virtual Scouting best practice, share it so others can use it to keep on Scouting. Send your best practices to: .


How To Scout – Virtually_03.2020

Want to keep on Scouting with virtual meetings, but don’t know how?

Two of the most popular tools are FreeConferenceCall and Zoom – both because they work and because they offer free options along with more advanced options for a fee. Basic information about those services and their options are available on their websites. YouTube provides a variety of training videos. To get started, check out the following links:

  • COM
  • ZOOM




Yours in Scouting,

Jenny Beyer

NorthStar District Commissioner

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