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Pack Leaders:

While many of us await our Join Night dates being scheduled through the school systems, I would encourage your unit to get an early jump start on your social media presence and communication. We have a number of Packs who have already begun receiving applications through our new online registration platform this month.

Below is an example of what our very own Pack 72 Cubmaster posted on his Nextdoor App neighborhood. He also sent the same message to the Facebook parent group of the school recruits from.

Please note Tucker’s mention of fees at the bottom of his post. We still have a few days to capitalize on families saving $21.00 by registering this week as opposed to next! By his posts earlier this week, Pack 72 has already added 4 new Scouts!!


Leaders in Carmel, Noblesville, and Westfield will be getting information shortly about material distribution.

Leaders in private school or charter school situations, please keep me in the loop. I have reached out to your Principal, but if you have already planned dates or recruiting efforts, we need to know so that we can get your materials ready as soon as possible.

Lastly, CAC has established a new text-to-join capability for getting families engaged and registered. Please promote the below message in all of your unit communications and recruiting efforts as we move through the Fall.

“Text JOIN to 317-813-7125”

Feel free to try it yourself so you can see the benefit and simplicity of using this new tool for recruiting. Quite frankly, this text-to-join feature might be a great way to get families to fill out applications on the night of your join night. You will need to track the parent name and follow up, but we get the application on our end immediately, so we will be able to send you all of the applications collected online thereafter your join night concludes for your approval and recording.

All for now. I know there are still many questions. I appreciate your patience. Feel free to send any recruiting or membership related questions over when you have them. Each Pack needs a plan to be able to onboard new families, especially in the climate we are in this Fall. Let me know how I can help you.

Eddie Stahl | District Director — Del-Mi & North Star Districts


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