Eagle Projects – Liam B T269

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Liam B’s Eagle project was to dismantle the Scout bridge at the Indiana State Fair Grounds (prior to April) and then to re-use it to build a new bridge over a creek at Second Reformed Presbyterian Church.  The Scout bridge was built in 2010 at the Indiana State Fair Grounds to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Boy Scouts of America.  At the beginning of 2020, the Indiana State Fair Board decided that the bridge would be removed by late April – so they were looking for someone who could dismantle the bridge and use the material.

Liam’s Eagle Project, check all the boxes for the State Fair Grounds and he was given permission to dismantle the bridge.  Dismantling of the bridge occurred just as Covid-19 started to move into Indiana.  So the dismantled bridge set at Second Reformed Presbyterian Church for several months, until a safe way could be formulated for Liam’s Eagle Project to proceed (which was almost June).

The pictures of the dismantling was pre-covid, and the picture of Liam on the Bridge post construction at Second Reformed Presbyterian Church – was taken by himself, with no one else around.


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