Eagle Scout Information

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The Trail to Eagle Scout is a long journey. The final steps taken from Life to Eagle can be overwhelming and confusing. Just a few things to help your Scouts understand the current process.

The Crossroads of America Council has a webpage devoted to the steps to Eagle. The Eagle Workbook can also be found on this page. https://www.crossroadsbsa.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement/trail-to-eagle/

Going over the Life to Eagle process at least once a year helps to remind both the scouts and the adults of the process.

Signatures. Reminder, to submit an Eagle Project for approval, please make sure that the scouts have ALL signatures except for the District/Council Representative (if you get these signatures by email, make sure to print off all emails and include in email to the Eagle Projects Committee.)

Also, make sure that you have your fund raising application at least filled out before the project meeting.  The person who signs your application is NOT a member of the Projects Committee.  This is a Council professional.  You can send them to Eddie Stahl at eddstahl@crossroadsbsa.org or Olivia Fairchild at fairchi@crossroadsbsa.org.

Finally, send your project materials to EagleScoutProposals@gmail.com.  This email will ensure that all members of the committee see your proposal and can reach out to you to help you along the way.

ALL EAGLE SCOUTS of the Class year 2020 are ELIGIBLE for the CAC Eagle Scout of the Year and CAC Eagle Project of the Year scholarships.  These applications are available online at the CAC website