Eagle Board Report for November

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News from District Eagle Board Coordinator Jerry Simon:

The following scouts passed their BOR on November 11th. They will not officially be Eagle Scouts until certified by National but, once that happens, their date-of-rank will be November 11, 2015.

Jack Whitlock T 191
Michael Isakson T 514
Nicholas Shirrell T 56
Jerome Zirnheld T 56
Matthew Bricker T 358
Brian O’Leary T- 358

Congratulations to these scouts on completing their obligations for the Eagle Scout rank! We look forward to the good news of National’s confirmation.


Rechartering Turn-in report 11-13-15

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UPDATE 11-13-15 at 10:00 AM: new tables inserted below.

Thank you to the units that have now turned in their rechartering applications. (Pack 625 is intentionally omitted from this DistrictCommissionerreport.) This report is as of 9:00 AM on Friday, November 13, 2015 from DE Con Sullivan. (If your unit has turned in documents at the Registrar’s office in the final hours of Thursday, the paperwork may not have made through office mail to Con’s desk yet.

I am pleased to announce every single unit who is rechartering has logged into the system and reviewed their roster. That is an important step to completing the process.

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Change of Night for District Committee

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Since the regularly scheduled District Committee meetings for November and December conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively, we will be meeting one week earlier than usual.

On November 19th, we will be meeting at St Luke’s UMC’s Luke’s Lodge, the outbuilding on the church campus. We will be on the second floor on the westside of the building, in the room called the “Cafe.” (Don’t ask me why. There is a kitchenette but no other evidence of coffee or food.) There is a grief counseling group meeting on the first floor, so please enter quietly and go up the left staircase, entering the first alcove on the left, passing the men’s restroom.

On December 17th, we will also be in Luke’s Lodge, except we will have the main room on the first floor: “Brandt’s Lounge” also known as the “fireplace room.”

NOTE, 11-13-15: In the blast email on the committee meeting locations, there are references to Room N-101 for both November and December. Neither are correct. All such references should be ignored. Sorry for the confusion.

Rechartering Turn-Ins Report

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UPDATE 11/11/15, 12:30 pm: Troop 269 and Crew 358 have scheduled deliveries.


Thank you to the units that have now turned in their rechartering applications. (Pack 625 is intentionally omitted from this report.)DistrictCommissioner

The following units have turned in their applications:

Applications received 11-11-15

The following units have scheduled to complete their charter applications:Recharter arrangements 11-11-15 This means that this is our current statistics:Recharter Overview 11-11-15
For the units who have not turned in their application for rechartering, we need to get this wrapped up this week. Please contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck or Lead Unit Commissioner for Rechartering Mat Gerdenich to schedule a time to pick up the Recharter Application and supporting documents this week. Their contact information is on the Rechartering email sent to the unit Key 3 on or about September 29, 2015 from Council.

2016 Silver Beavers Announced

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From Sandi Hobbs at Council’s office this morning:

Silver Beaver Pendant and Patch

I am pleased to announce that the Selection Committee has done an excellent job selecting our 2016 Silver Beavers. We had many to choose from and they did a hard job well.

Please join me in congratulating the following recipients and please let your volunteers know.

Frank G. Blum
Jay A. Copra
Harold “JR” Davis
Donald E. Dickerson
Kevin G. Fife
Timothy D. George
Markus Jones
Bruce D. Metzger
Clark M. Millman
Jerry W. Phillips
David B. Radtke
Michael L. Rhees
Paul E. Rusk
David W. Wagner
Joseph P. Wehrheim

Advancement Resources

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Often we have questions about advancement issues. BSA puts out a great deal of information. Often this feels like drinking from a firehose.

One of the ways to avoid this problem is to be sure your unit’s advancement coordinator subscribes to the irregularly published BSA Advancement News. (Irregular because it is sometimes monthly and sometimes bi-monthly.) Advancement News masthead

For a new advancement coordinator, catching up on old articles in the archive can be daunting. They may just want to look at specific issues of the moment. One of the best ways to do that is to review the Advancement News index of articles on the BSA Advancement website. The article titles are often catchy and artistic, but misleading about the main idea. Have patience with it. It is not intended to be a advancement manual (the Guide to Advancement serves that purpose). Instead it is intended to focus on hot topics.

If an advancement coordinator wants to study the history of advancement changes, he or she can read back issues of Advancement News. There is a lot to be learned to look at how a once “hot topic” was handled and resolved. It helps guide an advancement coordinator to have a better sense about how to handle future problems. The method of resolution will often be similar: the timeframe required to identify the issue then resolve, the groups giving input who have the most persuasive authority on the final result, and the types of issues that are resolved with finality versus lingering effects.

Always start with the Guide to Advancement, the most recent revision for the current year of Boy Scout Requirements, the most recent issue of Advancement News for answers, and the related Merit Badge Counselor’s Compass newsletter. If those prove unsatisfactory, review the News index. You may surprise yourself with the quality of answers that are already published.

If you still do not find your answers, reliable and regular private bloggers can provide insight, such as Clarke Green at with a focus on scoutmastership, Frank Maynard at with a focus on committee issues, and the Ask Andy column at

To subscribe to the Advancement News, follow these instructions:

Send an email to
Put ‘Subscribe’ in the Subject line and in the body of the email put only your:
Email Address:
Council Name:

Report: Pack 358 Cub Hayride

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Thank you to Pack 358 to opening their annual hayride to the district. I know one or two packs took advantage of the offer with resoundingly glowing compliments to the hosts.

For those packs that missed out, a good time was had by all.

Thank you to Daniel Corum for the photographs.

Packs 625 and 358 break bread together
Packs 625 and 358 break bread together
Wagons, ho!
Wagons, ho!
Father-son time
Father-son time
Hot dogs for all!
Hot dogs for all!
Cubs at play
Cubs at play
Camaraderie of the bonfire
Camaraderie of the bonfire

Eagle Report for North Star

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District Eagle Board Coordinator Jerry Simon submits the following report:
North Star averages about 30 new Eagles per year.
Starting in January of this year through October, 35 scouts have received their Eagle Rank. We will be doing six more in November and at least five in December.
It looks like 2015 will be a banner year for us.
Considering all the issues North Star has had trying to be a functioning district, we have great troops with great volunteers that are making Scouting happen.

A Cub Scout is Helpful

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HPack 105 trail maintenance 3ere is an article submitted by John Salewicz, Ass’t Cubmaster and Bear Den Leader of Pack 105, Den 2 (Thank you!)

During Zionsville Pack 105 Fall Camporee at Spring Mill State Park, our Cub Scouts completed a service project.   We worked with the Park’s Property Manager to determine their needs.We decided on a trail rehab project. Pack 105 Trail maintenance in action 2

They had been very short-handed this year and have not had the time nor the manpower to do the work.  During the spring and early summer months they experienced very heavy rains that washed out part of a trail they call “The Stagecoach Trail”.

This trail is a historically significant part of the area.   During the settlement era, it was the life-line to the mill.  The trail was was the only way in or out of the village.  It was used to move goods from the village. The village supplied a growing nation with corn meal and lumber. After the park opened, this trail served as the main entrance to the park until the 1960’s.

This project required us to move a tri-axle of gravel down the trail — bucket brigade style — to fill in the numerous washed out areas. This was quite the accomplishment for these Cub Scouts and Webelos.  The trail has a very steep grade
and took a lot of effort!   We were able to complete this project  in an 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Hikers will benefit from this hard work for years to come.

This is a great example for future story ideas. Keep them coming.

Hard at work!
Hard at work!

Pack 105 celebrating their successful service project.
Pack 105 celebrating their successful service project.

Zionsville Scouts Teach Country about Popcorn Sales

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Nick and Sam from Zionsville and Troop 69 and Pack 358 are the stars of new videos. They teach scouts about popcorn sales and how it is done.

Crossroads of America Council Development Director Leslie Anderson said, “I am so proud of Nick & Sam (from Zionsville) as the co-hosts of the Trail’s End TV popcorn segments.  These are released to every user that has an account in Trail’s End across the whole nation!”

Crossroads of America Council Scout Executive Patrick Sterrett got straight to the point, “Very cool! I love those kids!!!”

Take a look at all of the videos so that you know why Council is so proud of our District’s Nick and Sam.

There is rumor of Guiness Book of World Record attempt and coverage by Fox 59 on October 17th. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.