New Scout Handbook is Released

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The new scout handbook (2016 ed.) has finally been released. Take a look at it here.


2015 Popcorn sales thank you

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To have a smooth run popcorn sale requires hard work, organization, and a
team effort.

I would like to take a moment to thank our North Star District
Popcorn Kernels (and assistants) for their commitment of time, dedication to
the program, and hard work! From the very start our unit kernels
demonstrated this by making North Star’s Popcorn kickoff/training one of the
best attended in years. We had representation from nearly every unit in

During the sale, our popcorn distributions were near perfect
due to the large number of motivated volunteers that turned out to help sort
and load orders.

Finally, due to the remarkable organizational skills of
our unit kernels, North Star District was the first district in the Council
to have all popcorn funds submitted!

When you encounter your unit’s Popcorn
Kernel (or assistants) please join me in offering them thanks in recognition
of their exceptional efforts during the popcorn sale this year.

North Star Unit Popcorn Kernels and Assistants

Crew 69 Denise Purdie Andrews
Crew 408 Mick Witte
Pack 18 Suzanne Lincoln
Pack 18 Cindy Hallberg
Pack 35 Sarah Hargis
Pack 64 Kit Williams
Pack 84 Marilee Rahn
Pack 84 Marilyn Langston
Pack 84 Jeff Long
Pack 105 Tucker Herbold
Pack 105 Teresa Arens
Pack 174 Ed Spahr
Pack 175 Matt Hibbeln
Pack 179 Devon Harmon
Pack 179 Rachell Laucevicius
Pack 358 Tom Rude
Pack 358 Jenny Beyer
Pack 514 Todd Sanger
Pack 514 David Paul
Pack 625 Jennifer Davis
Pack 625 Tia Bell
Pack 625 Pati Allison
Pack 830 Brian DeaKyne
Pack 830 Ed Stehno
Pack 830 Bill Buchalter
Troop 56 Rebecca Zirnheld
Troop 56 John Blue
Troop 69 Mark Reasoner
Troop 73 Doug Petry
Troop 269 Ann Salima
Troop 343 Andrew Himebaugh
Troop 514 Leah Roggeman
Troop 804 Niki Parker
Troop 804 Jill Williams

Tom Petersen
North Star District Popcorn Kernel

National Guard Thank You for Popcorn 2015

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Brigadier General Ronald Westfall, Chief and Director of the Joint Staff of the Indiana National Guard, visited University of Scouting 2016 to offer his thank you to the Crossroads of America Council’s scouts for their donation of 20 palettes of popcorn worth $85,000. Listen to General Westfall’s comments.

Coming Online Applications

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In the near future, BSA will roll out the Online Application for Youth and Adults.

They have already posted videos to YouTube to explain the process.

Below is the first video, an overview of the system. It will use It is important that your Unit Key 3 have access to The unit leader (e.g., Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Venturing Advisor, etc.) approve youth applications. The unit committee chair and chartered organization representatives must approve all adults. This approval process is all electronic.

More videos about using this new system are available at the Scouting Multi-Media YouTube Channel.

Please note that the system collects only national dues and Boy’s Life subscription fees. This is a capability and not required. This means that you will have to verify that BSA has received these funds through the system. If it remains due and payable, you will have to collect it from the new member and pay to council before the application can be processed by BSA.

Your unit will be solely responsible for billing and collecting your unit dues and Crossroads of America Council’s insurance premium of $1.00 per member.

Pack 105 Bear Den 2 Service

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Here is a report from John Salewicz:

One of the new adventures in the Cub Scout program is to do community service.

The Den 2 Bears in Pack 105 did a E-Cycle Drive. We set-up a collection drive of unwanted, broken electronics and took them to a recycle center. Prior to the collection, the boys learn about why these items should not be put into landfills and types of material are in electrons. We disassembled a flat screen television to see what is used to make something that we spend a large chunk of our time.

During the e-cycle drive we collected all sorts of old computers, printers, ipods, stereos, phones and TV’s. The large tube TV’s were taken to St Luke’s Church and donated so that they can be fixed if needed and given to families who are less fortunate. I am very proud of these boys, their parents and our community for coming out and supporting the environment and Scouts. Wahoo!


Basic Commissioner Training at Camporee

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Frank Mitchell of Wabash Valley called me a few minutes ago to confirm his interest in training this Saturday at the North Star Camporee. Consequently, Frank and I are going to work together to offer the Unit Commissioner Training at Camp Krichtenstein from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm this Saturday, tentatively at the old dining hall.Unit Commissioner Patch
This training is open to all districts. All non-North Star attendees will have arrangements for lunch made through Frank.
We do not expect the water to be turned on in the old dining hall, so plan on bringing a water bottle with you. We will work on offering hot drinks.
The building will likely on the colder side, so dress for the weather in layers.

Bridge Prop for Cross Over Ceremonies

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Pack 830’s Cubmaster Bill Buchalter is looking for a bridge to serve as a prop for his March 1st  cross over ceremony. Does anyone have any leads for him?

Bill Buchalter, Cub Master – Pack 830,,317-509-0767

Service hours reporting 2015

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Don’t forget to make sure that your unit has reported all of their service hours for 2015. You can report that using the link on the right column. This information will be closed out in the next week or two. Now is a good time to wrap it up.Messenger of Peace

Remember we are trying to contribute to the worldwide effort to report over a billion hours of service by 2020.

January Eagle Report

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Here is the January Eagle Board of Review report from Coordinator Jerry Simon:

The following scouts passed their Eagle BOR on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016. This will be their date-of-rank but it is not official until their Eagle award and documents are received from National. This will take two to four weeks.

I returned the applications to CAC this afternoon for the following:

Matthias Benko: Troop 174

Rhodes Lacy; Troop 18

Lars Olson; Troop 343

Mitchell Thompson; Troop 358

Congratulations to these Eagles, their families, and their troops!

Blue and Gold Banquet Planning

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The topic of tonight’s Cub Scout Roundtable is Blue and Gold Banquets with Cross-over ceremonies. Instead of handouts, this page will provide the links.

The website on blue and gold banquets does not provide much information. It basically acknowledges their existence and purpose.

Scouting magazine has several articles and links that are very helpful.

Like anything else with scout programming, there lots of ideas on the web. Here is an example of an entire how-to manual. Another website has links to 6 other manuals.

Ultimately, you need to intrigue younger cub scouts about the fun that awaits them, thank the adults for making the program happen, and encourage graduating Webelos to continue into Boy Scouts.

The part of the program that is least within your control but is the most important to inviting Webelos to transition into Boy Scouts is the cross-over ceremony. A good cross-over ceremony is planned by the Cub Scout Pack but relies on Boy Sblueandgold1couts and Scoutmasters to make it work.

Our local chapter of the Order of the Arrow, the national scout honorary society. offers to send boy scouts to perform the actual cross-over ceremony. Our chapter the Lowaneu Allonque chapter is eager to perform for you. (Their chapter advisor John Ruggles is a good contact. Please copy District Commissioner Jeff Heck to avoid any breakdowns in communication.) They will typically send 4-5 boys of about 15-18 years old. Once your master of ceremonies hands the actual cr0ss-over cere
mony over to the OA boys, your pack can sit back and watch. The Webelos and their parents will be called forward to walk through the ceremony. If members of the welcoming Boy Scout Troop(s) are present, they are invited to participate.

Remember there are good reasons to have a blue and gold ceremony without Webelos crossing over. This is the ideal time to have boys make their rank for the year. The younger scouts can then see what older scouts can do, too.

Good luck.