Benefits of Eagle Rank

Troop 358 has 3 new Palms

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I attended last Monday’s Court of Honor for Troop 358 in Zionsville. The troop award an Eagle Scout medal, various rank advancements, merit badges, and Wood Badge beading for OA Advisor Mark Pishon, ASM Chuck Bricker, and ASM David Guzman.

The most unique part of the ceremony to my eyes was the award of three Eagle Palms. The first was for a bronze palm (the first palm awarded for 5 merit badge and 3 months leadership service after receiving Eagle). The second was for a scout’s silver palm (the third palm awarded for 15 merit badges and 9 months service after Eagle). The last was a second Silver Palmeagle-palms-features

Think about that. A second Silver Palm for one scout. That means that he has served in his troop for 18 months as a leader after his Eagle Board of Review and earned an additional 30 merit badges in addition to the required 21 merit badge for Eagle Scout. Only 1/10th of 1% of Eagles earn a Silver Palm. To earn two Silver Palms is extraordinarily rare. (I cannot find the stats.)

Shown above from left: Matthew Heath, second Silver Palm; Josh Sheppard, first Silver Palm; John Heath, first Bronze Palm. All are White Stag/NYLT trained and have served on staff, too. 

Congratulations to each of these three worthy scouts and to Scoutmaster Jim Beck and Troop 358 for providing such a rewarding environment that Eagle Scouts stay actively involved in the troop.

Scholarships and Recognition for Eagle Scouts

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While we all know that scouting is more than just the attainment of Eagle, earning the Eagle rank does offer some perks.

First, the Council has several Council-wide scholarships or recognitions. Take a look at the Council website for more information. Many have deadlines in the next 30 days. District Advancement Chair Mark Pishon reports that new forms for those programs were just issued.

The John Price Scholarship is named for the late Judge John Price who sat on the Marion County Municipal then Superior Courts bench for many years. He was an avid member of the Downtown Kiwanis Club and Crossroads of America Council. I had the honor of knowing him from court and Kiwanis. His grandsons were recently members of a North Star Troop.

Second, Eagle Scouts who enlist in the military automatically are promoted upon completion of basic training. Here is some information about the Marine Corps version.

Third, many scholarship programs and recognitions are available at the local, state, and national levels. More exist than I can count.

The most famous scholarships are the National Eagle Scout Association scholarships.

Many other programs not officially seeking Eagle Scouts look favorably on Eagle Scouts, so look everywhere!