2015 Cub Scout Recruiting Rally

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 Adventure is Waiting… Launch into Scouting!

Join us at the Council Recruiting Rally at Victory Field

Our council will be conducting a “Picnic in the Park” –Recruiting Rally at Victory Field on Thursday, July 16th. This will be a great opportunity for Scout leaders to get ready for the council-wide Sign Up night on August 27th.

There will be food, prizes and lots of excitement and information sharing. Scout leaders will also be able to:

• Pick up posters, yard signs & all of the other materials needed for the sign up meeting

• Learn about the new online registration for youth membership

• Meet with your district membership team and district executive

• Get details about the rocket launch events and family camping weekends

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Trivia Question

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Here is your question: 

What is this? 


This is from Church at the Crossing’s Troop 191’s campsite.

Post your guesses in the Comment Section below.  

White Stag National Youth Leadership Training slots still available 

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Attention Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Crew Advisors! Space is still available for youth to attend National Youth Leadership Training / White Stag. Courses offered in June and July. NYLT is an exciting, action-packed program focused on developing your Scout’s leadership skills they can then use in your unit. Register a Scout today at the Council website.

Carolyn Small | Program Director – Special Initiatives

Old News made New: Boy Scout as Lifesaver

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Did you catch this story last year? WRTV-6 has re-visited last summer’s life saving story.

Del-Mi District’s Tyler Hulka, 11, was re-united with A.J. Barrickman, 3, at the pool where the near-drowning occurred in Cicero. Click the photo to see the whole story.

Good story to start the summer swimming season.

Victim hugs his scout-lifesaver
Victim hugs his scout-lifesaver

High Adventure Trips in Winter, Too

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Our Team Leader for District Operations Darin Stendl joined our new District Executive Con Sullivan in attending our Roundtable Meeting last Thursday. At the RoundTable, the agenda was focused on High Adventure Trip Planning. As we were reviewing the opportunities provided by National Council, the topic of Minnesota’s cold weather program Okpik came up.  I asked if anyone was familiar with Okpik. Darin volunteered that he had attended twice.  As a result of his story, I asked him to Read the rest of this entry »

Scouting with the Handbook

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“Do you have your handbook?” How many times at meetings have you asked this question?

As a passionate scouter, I enjoy the opportunity to interact with the scouts. As I sit to reflect about how to improve my skills, I often wonder if my passion is getting in the way of truly allowing the boys to play the game of scouting.

The story of the spread of scouting in the early 1900’s keeps coming to mind. There were two parts to the process: boys naturally grouping together in patrols to camp and play the game of scouting versus the adults trying to promote its spread for their own purposes. Each has furthered scouting.

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District Training Status

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One of the key duties of District is to encourage units to improve their programs in order to make the scouting more inviting to boys. BSA offers training for each position in order that adults can better understand the duties that they have accepted. Training is required for Rechartering.

Council records training records to be able to find out where training needs to be encouraged.

Among our units district wide, our training rate looks like this (if you are registered for more than one position, you can be trained and untrained simultaneously, appearing on this chart for each): 

The pattern is clear. Units in Zionsville and northern Pike Township tend to have adult leader ship rates well over 50%. Moving toward the south and east, training rates plummet to the point where some units have no properly trained leaders.

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Congratulations to our Commissioners

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This Saturday, our district chaplain Jim Brinkley, Assistant District Commissioner Stu Bowes, Unit Commissioner Andy Fulks in Zionsville (who serves double duty as Sugar Creek District’s Assistant District Commissioner, too), Unit Commissioner Mat Gerdenich in Washington Township, Cub Roundtable Commissioner Sharla Merrick, and District Commissioner Jeff Heck attended the annual Commissioners College.  

Fulks pic
Andy Fulks

 Congratulations to Andy Fulks for earning his Doctrate of Commissioner  Science,  which requires attending three colleges and writing a these.

Congratulations to Stu Bowes for earning his Masters of Commissioner Science, which requires attending two colleges, and Jeff Heck for his Bachelors for attending his first year.

Stu delivers homily at Scout's own
Stu Bowes

Cincinnati’s Dan Beard Council announced that they would hold their own Commissioner College the first Saturday in August, and they invited our Commissiners to attend. They will be offering the new Roundtable Commissioner curriculum. For those who could only attend some of the courses, preventing a degree completion, the Dan Beard classes can help complete the degree.

Cub Scout Recruiting Resources Online

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The BSA built a new website in the past year called ScoutingWire. Its primary purpose is to serve as a central clearinghouse for news from the BSA.ScoutingWire logo

One example of these resources that are timely to Scouters’ needs is a page on Cub Scout Recruiting. ScoutingWire has a subpage called “Marketing Hub” where this information can be reviewed in more detail. There is one section for Councils and Districts. There is another section for Packs and Dens.

Bryan on Scouting says, “Our overall goal: Let’s not let one boy miss the chance to be a Cub Scout.” This is just a small example of what ScoutingWire has to offer. Take a look!

Jeff Heck