BSA acquires Scoutbook. What’s that?

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On April 9, 2015, BSA announced that it has acquired What is

Many troops and packs use TroopMaster and PackMaster to track rank advancement. is a web-only competitor.

From a district perspective, one of the advantages of is that it makes merit badge counseling across the district easier. Easier for Scouts, Scoutmasters, Counselors, and Parents. has many social media-like features. The comment system can allow a scout to send photographs of completed projects to counselors and the counselor to respond in a conversation stream.

The website has a built-in RSVP system for outings to make tracking attendance plans easier.

Scoutbook is free for a scout to use by himself. It is a little cheaper per year than competing software.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  If you use it in your unit, let us know how it works.

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