This Thursday: Roundtable and Chartered Org Rep Training

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District Commissioner Jeff Heck encourages all units to send adult leaders to Roundtable. Former Cubmaster for Pack 105 and current Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 358 Tom Sugar will be leading a discussion on Cub recruitment.

Cub Scout logoTom was instrumental in recruiting in Pack 105 when it started a few years ago. Tom put a heavy dose of outdoor experiences into his Cub programming. As a result, he used the outdoor experiences as part of the Pack’s marketing.

Come be a part of the conversation about Cub and Scout recruiting. Learn how to tell your story about what you do in a way that is interesting and persuasive to both boys and parents.

After the 6:30 p.m. general session for open conversations, Tom will start with his discussions.Chartered Organization Representative patch

Also, Chartered Organization Representative Training (#D72) will be held after the general session. (Estimated start time 7:00 p.m.) This training is required for all Chartered Org. Reps. Please makes sure that your Chartered Org Rep is aware of this session and either has plans to attend or has contacted the District Commissioner to let the Commissioner Service know your Chartered Org Rep’s availability for another training session.

Chartered Org Reps have not been actively participating in the North Star District for the last few years. Our theory is that part of this low participation is that our units and the District have not made a concerted effort to train them on what the position’s responsibilities are. This training will help to begin remedying this problem.

The Chartered Org Rep is supposed to supervise all scouting activities for the chartered organization. The Chartered Org Rep is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Chief Scouting Officer of the Chartered Organization. The Rep should be supervising the units and actively participating in appointing a unit chair. The Rep should be attending District Committee meetings as the Chartered Organization’s representative to District and to Council.

Please help us encourage our Chartered Org Reps know how important training is for the health of your unit and your chartered organization.trained patch


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