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Over the next several days, BSA is going to continue moving more and more of its access to ScoutNet database for its volunteers from to

One of the most important benefits of the new system is that it delegates more control over data to the volunteer corps.

This means that it is important that each unit be aware that it can update information. Once aware, the unit needs to update the information.

To begin the process, you need to know your username and password. It is the same one that you used on (If you do not have an account there, you will need to register there first.) If you have never logged in to, you will have to complete the registration transfer process first. Once you are logged in, continue with the instructions below. (For a slightly older video showing the process, click here.)

The first piece of information that needs to be updated is the unit’s Organizational Security Screen. This is a bit of a misnomer. From the engineer’s perspective, this screen tells the system who has access to the Pack, Troop, or Crew’s data. From a practical perspective, it also helps inform District and Council the names of persons to contact on particular subjects like membership, training, and youth protection.

Organizational Security Form
Organizational Security Form
Your unit should have each of the blanks filled. If your unit chairman has not appointed a person to each of the positions on the right column, this should be a high priority to fix in your unit. Click on each position to open a dialog box for that.

The Key 3 Delegates are persons who need access to the system at the same level as your Unit Key 3 in the left column. Use these allocations wisely. There are only a limited number.

The Registration Inquiry is a generic access that allows access to information only. This is useful of unit corresponding secretaries.

If you need help with how to recruit adults as volunteers, contact your Unit Commissioner. If you are not sure who your Unit Commissioner is, for Pike and Washington Townships contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck, or for Zionsville contact Assistant District Commissioner Stu Bowes.

The next screen that needs your attention is the unit’s Training Manager screen. This gives you the ability to review your unit’s training status.  The District is seeking to have 100% of adults “Trained.” To achieve this goal, the District is working to schedule training for all basic level training. This screen will allow your unit to identify who needs the training. (You can also use the Member Manager which uses a roster view.)

Please make sure your Unit Key 3 (Chartered Org Rep, Unit Chair, or Scoutmaster/Cubmaster) take a look at these screens by the end of July to make sure that they are as complete as possible. They are the only ones initially who can enter the data. It will help improve communications in our District.