Recruitment of “Mystery House”

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Update 8/20/15: mystery house filled! Thank you!
This just came in from Council’s Development Director Leslie Anderson:

I need your quick help with a fun, last minute request.

We would like to have 1 mystery house in each district during the popcorn sale.

We will promote clues to the mystery house in each of the e-newsletters.

The mystery house prize is GUARANTEED $50 POPCORN SALES!
Once a Scout finds the mystery house, we will communicate that it has been found in that district in the e-newsletters.

This will also help promote TAKE ORDER SALES!

Will you find someone in your district that will agree to buy $50 worth of popcorn from the first Scout that knocks on his/her door?

 I need 5 clues to that person’s home (and the name & address of that person), and I need them by next Thursday, August 6th.   (Sorry for the late notice!!)

Popcorn 2015 logoSample clues:

  • Near a school or RR crossing
  • Red door
  • White picket fence
  • East side of town / county / city name
  • 2 white pillars

We need 5 clues because there will be 5 e-newsletters during the sale.   The most general clue will come first and move towards the more specific clues.

Will you help?

If you have a person who would be willing to be the “mystery house,” please contact Jeff Heck at