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For our traditional scout units, we have received this request for support from our sister After-School Program units at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Please share this with your unit or your own clergy:
Dear Central Indiana Chaplains:

Pack at Northminster Presbyterian
Pack at Northminster Presbyterian
Please- Help us get scouts  “on the bus”
Crossroads of America has a growing “After school Program” in many IPS Schools
This is an outreach and diversity focused  mission to serve the undeserved and help build future leaders and scouting programs in the community.
Andrew Bowman, Kristin Pace and I are asking each of to to appeal to your congregations to find people and transportation to help get scouts to after school programs in the Indy area
Clear Vision: You have a church bus..  you have a driver..  you pick up scouts at schools and take them to after-school events and bring them back to school after the event.
This is an excellent use of church bus and church member time in a short focused  “mission”
It also exposes your church and your members to scouting programs.
Why?  The parents of these scouts are not able because they are working.
Why?  IPS is not budgeted to do so.
Why?  Because we are called to serve our community and scouting
Why? Keeps scouting  and your church visible in the schools and in the comunity
 Will you please help?
Josh Hill
Stevenson Joshua Hill
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