Planning: Winter Camporee

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Since we just completed Fall Camporee, it seems odd to be writing about Winter Camporee. Unfortunately, we have only a handful of weeks until the holiday and year-end crush begin. When all are back from Christmas Break we will only have another couple of weeks.

Camporee Theme: Solicitation of Ideas

At last check, Stu was still seeking themes for the Camporee. Please let us know your thoughts.

Classes at Camporee

The District Commissioner in association with the District Training Committee will be offering several training courses again.

  1. Scoutmaster Specific Training (we will not offer Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, which is also required for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, because it will be offered at the University of Scouting the week preceding camporee).
  2. For future patrol leaders and senior patrol leaders, we will be offering Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops. This is a prerequisite for White Stag/National Youth Leadership Training and is the first part of the youth leadership training continuum.
  3. Other classes requested by Troops. (Remember Den Chief training is typically offered at the University of Scouting, too.)

Events by Firecrafter and/or Order of the Arrow

Since the Firecrafter event at the Fall Camporee was very well received, both honoraries are looking at expanding their offerings. Members of our Ember and OA Chapter should be in touch with the chapters’ leadership with ideas and their availability to serve in these projects. We would like to have at least one Spark (a troop’s youth representative to the Ember) and one OA Representative from each troop to participate in planning. Ideally these are two separate scouts for position of responsibility purposes.

Planning for representation now will build on recent successes.

Cooking Competitions

Historically, camporees included a Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Cooking Competition. We are looking for sponsorship for this event to be renewed. (Hint to Willie Gillies: the North Star Wood Badge Alumni Association.)

District Commissioner Awards

At the past Camporee, the District Commissioner announced awards for patrol system use. When the inspections were done, it was clear that the criteria were confusing and hard to implement. As a result, no announcements of the results were made, since a Scout is Cheerful.

The idea was commended for its ideals by several scouters but never on its implementation. As a result, this award will be offered again but with some revisions.