Merit Badge Counselor Renewal

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Remember that Merit Badge Counselors have to be rechartered to the district like any other members of the BSA.

That means that District is still looking for updated Merit Badge Counselor lists.

Just hours remaining before the deadline on November 3, 2015, Mike Yates, our District Merit Badge Counselor Registrar, has heard from only the following troops:

  • Troop 18
  • Troop 73
  • Troop 514
  • Troop/Crew 358
  • Troop 804/Crew 408

Thank you to those troops for keeping us on schedule. Mike Yates still needs to hear from the remaining Troops and Crews. See the links above for information about what you are being asked to do.

Your Troop and Crew Key 3 were emailed further instructions on October 21st and again on November 2nd about this process.

If your MBC needs to drop or add merit badges, please read this article.