Rechartering Turn-Ins Report

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UPDATE 11/11/15, 12:30 pm: Troop 269 and Crew 358 have scheduled deliveries.


Thank you to the units that have now turned in their rechartering applications. (Pack 625 is intentionally omitted from this report.)DistrictCommissioner

The following units have turned in their applications:

Applications received 11-11-15

The following units have scheduled to complete their charter applications:Recharter arrangements 11-11-15 This means that this is our current statistics:Recharter Overview 11-11-15
For the units who have not turned in their application for rechartering, we need to get this wrapped up this week. Please contact District Commissioner Jeff Heck or Lead Unit Commissioner for Rechartering Mat Gerdenich to schedule a time to pick up the Recharter Application and supporting documents this week. Their contact information is on the Rechartering email sent to the unit Key 3 on or about September 29, 2015 from Council.