Marching Band and Scouts

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Do you have a musical scout or a marching band scout who you would like to keep engaged in scouts? Does marching band seem like an impediment to his scouting experience?

Two reasons why marching band participants can thrive in scouts:

  1. Crossroads of America Scout Band at Camp Belzer
  2. Madison Scouts.

Many are familiar with the 98-year old local Scout Band at Camp Belzer and registered as Crew 559.

Did you know about the Madison Scouts? They have a more focused program and national reach. Here is how they describe themselves:

The Madison Scouts

The year was 1937. A group of business men gathered at the University of Wisconsin Stock Pavilion to view a performance by the Racine Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps. Impressed and entertained, the men brought back to Madison what they saw and heard. Months later, on February 8, 1938, The Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps was born.

Forging past its humble beginnings, the Madison Scouts has established itself as a premier youth performing arts organization on the modern drum and bugle corps scene. “Proud, Loud and Pleasing the Crowd”–an unofficial mantra of the corps–the Scouts are known for their entertainment-focused programs that consistently bring audiences to their feet.

Today’s corps boasts 150 performing members selected from an audition process that spans the course of several months. Maintaining a diverse membership, performers join the corps from across the globe each year. The  2014 membership of the Madison Scouts represents countries as far away as Japan as wells as 41 of the Continental United States.

North Star’s Troop 56 is proud to have one of its most recent Eagle Scouts Sam Teague join the Madison Scouts this year.

Take a look at these opportunities as a means to keep your boy scout in scouting. Remember, as long as the scout remains registered primarily with your boy scout troop, he can work on rank advancement in a duly registered Venturing Crew, like the Indianapolis Scout Band, from Star to Eagle Palms.

Thank you to Troop 56 ASM Duffy Teague for the information on the Madison Scouts.