Rechartering Updates 11-21-2015

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Note about this report’s completeness: This report is based solely on information available to the District Commissioner as of the date of publication. Due to lags in information-sharing from the Council registrar or information communicated to other Commissioners, there may be missing information in this report. Sorry for any confusion that these information-gaps cause. Your assistance in filling gaps is always appreciated. Pack 625 is intentionally omitted from this report. Troop 191 is only included for purposes of Journey to Excellence reporting.

As of Saturday afternoon, here is the current status of North Star District’s Application for Rechartering and Journey to Excellence Reports.

First, the units that have turned in their Applications for Recharter include

Received recharter 151121

Thank you again to our units for moving rechartering along quickly.

In the next report, we will be looking at any units that have been officially marked as “Completed Rechartering.” This means that these units have completed all necessary paperwork, YPT reporting, JTE reporting, and payments of dues. Our goal is to have 100% of our units “Completed Rechartering” before Thanksgiving this week. Council Commissioner’s deadline for completing rechartering is November 30, 2015.

(Read below the fold for reports on Journey to Excellence results in the District.)

That leaves only Pack 174 with a recharter application to be confirmed delivered. Our understanding is arrangements are made, but logistical problems in arranging the delivery from the commissioner’s side are slowing the delivery down. We hope to be able to confirm its delivery in the next 72 hours.

As a result, District’s rechartering status looks like this

Overview on recharter 151121

To this point, these reports have focused solely on Applications for Recharter, since those are the most important documents in the rechartering process. As we reach the end of the process, we are now able to expand our reports to some of the details that remain outstanding and the results of the reports received to date.

At the first report, we focus on the preliminary results of Journey to Excellence reporting. While we are awaiting eight reports, we already know that we have 20 gold units, 4 silver, and 2 bronze. Out of the remaining, we expect an abundant number of golds and silvers. Congratulations to our JTE gold, silver, and bronze units!

JTE Reports 151121
For those units that have not turned in their JTE scorecards, please complete these reports at your earliest opportunity. Remember that these do not require an audit from a CPA. “Best information available” is acceptable.