Changes to District Calendar for 2016

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Over the past calendar year, North Star District has experimented with changing the District Committee and Roundtables’ times to increase attendance. It is now time to declare the experiment closed.

The new schedule will have District Committee meetings the first week of the month at 7:00 pm at Second Presbyterian Church (room was already scheduled for roundtables). The July meeting will be determined at a later date. The April meeting will be held regardless of Spring Break conflicts.

The District Commissioner’s Staff will meet at Second Presbyterian at 6:00 pm immediately before the Committee Meeting. It will be limited to one hour. This will cut down on the number meeting nights for several people.

The District Roundtable will be the second week of the month at 7:00 pm at St Luke’s United Methodist Church (change of location, too; scheduling confirmation pending).

The District Eagle Boards of Review will continue to be on the second Wednesday of each month.

Why the change?

In recent Council meetings, the basic monthly scheduling scheme was explained. Our 2015 district meetings conflict with that scheme.

Specifically, Council reserves the first two weeks of the month for district operations meetings. They do this by minimizing the number of council meetings in this time period. The last two weeks of the month are reserved for council meetings, with the implicit understanding that the number of district meeting should be kept to a minimum.

This reduces the risk of conflicts and allows a more predictable flow of information.

Council then uses the last two weeks of each month to prepare the necessary information and material for the coming district functions.

The expectation is that the district committees will meet the first week of the month, so committee information is given to the District Executives and Directors to be prepared for that week. The expectation is that Roundtables will be held the following week, because any district committee and council plans will be ready to go.

Failing to follow this schedule has caused information and material dissemination to be difficult for our District Executive Con Sullivan. As an example, he did not have access to supplies of rockets for membership drives at the right time, which required more effort from him and the receiving units.



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