Thank you to 2015 Chair

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With the excitement of a new election and new officers comes a moment to pause and thank our immediate past Chair for 2015, Steve James.

Steve James played an instrumental part in reorganizing the North Star District. When the District was being threatened with drastic reforms from Council, Steve stepped up to serve as the District Chair. He made himself available as long as the District needed him.

Steve was persuasive in recruiting new participants to the District Committee. He was reliable in carrying out each promise that he made. He helped finish the year with Friends of Scouting so that the District was making its fair-share contribution to the costs of administering the District and Council.

As a long-time volunteer at the District, Steve had already served as District Commissioner and various other positions. Even so, he took it as a personal responsibility to make sure that District was served when crisis loomed.

Steve may be stepping down as District Chair, but he is not leaving District leadership. Steve was an important part of the Nominating Committee for the District. Steve has also agreed to serve as a Vice-Chair in the District for 2016.

Thank you to Steve James for his willingness to lead when times were difficult, and his continued participation in the District leadership team in the 2016 calendar year.