REMINDER: Roundtable at strange location

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This Thursday’s Roundtable will be at the Scout Service Center 7125 Fall Creek Blvd, N Dr, Indianapolis, IN. We will start at 7:00 pm with the Council’s Ideal Year in Scouting presentation.Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Patch

When Council complete its agenda, Con is arranging a break-out room for us (no word on the room number yet). We will discuss district-specific issues and topics during the break out session.

All packs, troops, and crews should have a representative present. This presentation is important for all scouters to be able to improve the unit’s annual planning process. However, the topic is absolutely crucial to newer unit leaders, committee chairs, and Chartered Organization Representatives. If you have never participated in this recently inaugurated annual event, participation is a must. If you have participated, it is a wonderful method of bringing more recently initiated unit scouters up to speed on how to do annual planning.

We look forward to seeing all units present.