Ham Radio at Belzer: New Crew and Existing Opportunities

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The WD9BSA group is looking for youth ages 14-21 (boys and girls), for a new Scout Venture Crew forming in the Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America.

It is based at the amateur radio station WD9BSA at Camp Belzer on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, we are looking for youth that are interested in amateur radio, radio technology, emergency communications and preparedness, severe weather spotting and just talking to others around the world on a great amateur radio station. Feel free to contact us for more information at wd9bsa@crossroadsbsa.org

Also, the WD9BSA station is open for all scouts and the public on the second Saturday of each month from 1-7pm (closed July and August). Entrance to the station is located at the northwest corner lower level of the Learning Center. Visitors who have amateur radio licenses may call the station in camp on 147.420 fm simplex or use the 443.000 (+100hz pl) repeater. Upcoming activities may be found on our website. www.wd9bsa.org. Next Open Operations Day is June 11th followed by ARRL Field Day at Camp Belzer June 25-26.

We are also running a weekly net, or on the air gathering, every Monday evening at 7:30 PM on the 443.000MHz repeater, with a 100hz PL tone.  All scouts are welcome, boy or girl, licensed or 3rd party traffic, current or former members.

This is not a broadcast radio station.  We don’t play music and read the news and weather (although we do sometimes share news and weather information, particularly during Skywarn severe weather nets).  As noted above, it’s an amateur (ham) radio station that has applications in emergency preparedness and other areas where Scouts might be interested, as well as just communicating generally with people all over the world.

Amateur Radio is very much a STEM activity and can be integrated as part of the BSA STEM initiative.