Rechartering Turn-In Dates Announced

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District Commissioner has announced the turn-in dates for late October 2016. Watch this page for updates on procedures.

Please make sure that your unit Chair has the correct date on the calendar.

All charters must be turned in to the District Commissioner. The Council Registrar will take all applications turned in to her and return them to the District Executive before processing them, if the District Commissioner is skipped.

This is for the convenience of the units. Last year, we had problems with the Registrar not having had a chance to troubleshoot applications until 7 weeks after they were submitted to the Council office. That meant that diligent units were forced to scramble to fix problems in December when they thought everything was done.

By turning in your recharter application through the Commissioner Service, you will get an immediate troubleshooting review and avoid weeks of delay in finding out about problems.

Please help us expedite this process, so we can be done with turn-ins by Sunday, October 30, 2016. The way to do this is to send a representative to the turn-in date posted.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.