Rechartering opens in less than week

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The Council Commissioner has received word from the lead executive Nat Baker that online rechartering will be opened sometime in the next 7 days. He plans on it being Monday, but he is not sure will be done by then. His goal is completion and email transmission to Unit Key 3 personnel by next Wednesday.

In the meantime, if your unit has a designated person who will be handling rechartering issues and who is not already a registered member of the Unit Key 3, please email Jeff Heck or Con Sullivan the person’s name, title (if any), phone, and email address. We will make sure that the name is added to your contact information. They, too, will receive the email invitation to internet rechartering.

With the arrival of a new Director of Field Services Nate Young, there will be many changes in the paper flow of recharter applications. Most of those changes should not affect units, but will be felt by the professional staff and commissioner service.

The biggest change for units is that all recharter applications turned into the Registrar will be logged in, payments posted with receipts issued, and the paperwork forwarded to the District Executive. The Registrar will not process the paperwork until the District Executive and District Commissioner have reviewed the paperwork and signed the review form.

This means that units will receive fastest and most efficient processing at District Turn-In events listed on the rechartering email invitation.

Please review the rechartering page for more information on district procedures.