Rechartering Report: Week of 10/12/16

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Thursday, October 20, 2016 is the first rechartering turn in date at Second Presbyterian Church. This is for Packs 18, 64, 84, 179, and 830, and Troops 18, 56, 73, 191, 269, 343, and 512. See the rechartering update page for a schedule of turn-ins. You can also see a list of various articles about recharteringDistrictCommissioner.

Thank to Packs 514 and 586, and Troops 73, 174, 269, 343, 358, 514, and 804, and Crew 358 for beginning their online rechartering process. That will help keep everything moving!

CORRECTION: On the email accompanying your internet rechartering access code, there was a misstatement. No new Adult Application is required if a scouter is registered with your unit to change positions! This only requires a change in the rechartering application online. The new position will be effective January 1, 2017 automatically.

However, any changes with immediate effect (i.e., in October 2016, still require a new adult application).