Rechartering 2016: Report #1

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Please note all information above is current as of October 24, 2016. We are still awaiting data updates on October 25 from the Council Registrar. If you know that your unit is further along than noted below, please email the district commissioner so that this article can be updated to reflect more current information and identify foreseeable errors.

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, we had our first of three Recharter Turn-In Nights.

We had 13 units scheduled to attend (one does not require because it is a new unit t20161020-turn-in-unitshat expires 12/31/17, but they have met with the district executive and commissioner to double check everything). Of the 12 units needing rechartering, eight submitted their Recharter Application in draft or final form. One unit has made arrangements to submitted a completed application by the close of business on October 25th. Thank you to these ten units for moving the process forward:

For the fifteen (15) units scheduled to turn in charters at Zionsville Christian Church on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, eleven (11) of them have begun the online rechartering process. Those units are Pack 180 (formerly known as Pack 98), Packs 105, 358-0, 358-2, and 586; and Troops 358, and 804; Crews 69, 358, and 408. Even more impressively, two of them have already completed the electronic portion of the process. Those two units are Troop 358 at St Alphonsius and Crew 408 at the Zionsville American Legion.

For the ten units scheduled to turn in charters at Immaculate Heart of Mary on Thursday, October 27, 2016, only four (4) have not begun the online process. Those units that have started the online rechartering process are Pack 171, 175, 514; and Troops 35, 174, and 514.

Thank you to the units that are moving the process forward. We look forward to seeing many of you in the next two days!

For more information about the rechartering process, visit our district rechartering page.