Camporee Committee Updates

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From 2017 Winter Camporee Chair Curtis Shrote:

Please include the following topics in your preparation for this meeting:
1) Patrol competition idea from your troop pertaining to the Shackleton based “Escape from Ice Island” theme.
2) an indication concerning Fall Camporee date preference. Note Sept 22-24th conflicts with Firecrafter Frenzy so that weekend is not recommended.
3) Ideas for scoutmaster cookoff (theme based)
4) Redwing logistics concerns that we can address early – I will be making a trip up to visit in early December.
5) Signup for camp sites will be available starting at the meeting so please send your representative(s). For your consideration and planning, the following campsites are reserved for North Star District
   a) Bears Den
   b) Butternut Hill
   c) Cricket Hollow
   d) Indian Jim
   e) Lone Cherry
   f) Pheasant Nest
   g) Pines
   h) Rabbit Run
   i) Riverview
   j) Tepee Ridge
   We also have reserved the following additional resources:
   Shelters –
        a) Beverly Terhune
        b) Cub
        c) Galliher Family
   Misc –
       a) Recreation Field
       b) Campfire Circle
       c) Chapel
       d) Eliades Shower house
       e) Kiwanis Dining, Kitchen, and 1st aid room
       f) Kovel cabin and RIchard Burlison Bunkhouse (camporee & cook staff)
Here are Curtis’ minutes from the October meeting:

Fall camporee review:

– thank you Brian!
– general consensus was to remain at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired for 2017 assuming the school will continue with their support
– feedback to consider waving the $5 fee for patches for webelos that attend
– feedback that District should support one event that webelos could participate
– very happy with outside district judges for Willy award – way to go Con!! We want to do it again this winter. Comments from committee that they would support other districts should they need judges
– 200 patches would be enough
– feedback that awards of special rounders for patrols were well received
– camporee committee chair is needed. Troops – please nominate
– also suggested that camporee committee chair be backed by 3 others to specialize in Fall, Winter, and Spring – need a nomination for Fall 2017
Need feedback from all troops on the preferred date for Fall Camporee 2017. Please rank your top 3 and label 1 to 3
  1. Sept 22-24
  2. Sept 29th-Oct 1
  3. Oct 6-8
  4. Oct 13-15
Please send feedback by Nov 20th.

Winter camporee:

Theme “Escape from Ice Island”
Evening movie: True story A&E movie/mini series “Shackleton” (Edited starting from when Shackleton and crew leave Buenos Aires for Antarctica – 2 hour run time) – Witness Sir Ernest Shackleton and crew aboard the ship Endurance travel to Antarctica, overwinter with the intent of crossing the Antarctic continent by land only to be ship wrecked in the spring. Will they get off the ice alive?
We will continue with the rounders for troop awards 1st-5th place

Next meeting:

Will confirm meeting time and location for Sunday November 20th (yes this is the alternate date – sorry – other date was scrubbed due to family obligation)


1) scoutmaster cookoff (need ideas – survival foods? shipboard food?) – Sorry seal and penguin meat are not allowed.
2) camp ground assignments @ Camp Redwing – stake your claim on an iceberg …
3) each troop’s activity – themed appropriately


 April 21-23 Spring Camporee @ Ransburg – The Honorable Mark Pishon, presiding