BSA Tech problems: Training Manager

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UPDATED 11/18/16 at 2:oo pm: At last check the system seems to be working reliably.

Just as we are pushing to have our units 100% trained, the BSA is having a series of technology problems on’s Training Manager.

First, unit training reports are running painfully slowly. This results in checking on scouters’ training results. If you have completed training, please contact a Commissioner to report your completion. This will allow us to note your rechartering file that training is no longer an issue for that scouter. Then we have technology problems, we do not harass those who believe they are done until we have success pulling up complete reports again.

Second, many scouters are reporting that the online training system is not giving them credit for training modules completed. The proposed resolution is to report this immediately to a commissioner to enter into your unit’s rechartering file, too.

BSA is promising to do maintenance Friday night on the training module. Plan your weekend training efforts accordingly. Hopefully this will result in some resolution of these problems.

Thank you for your patience in advance.


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