Rechartering Report for week of November 17, 2016

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Significant updates on 11/18/16 at 1:54 pm below.

At the Council Commissioner Staff meeting Tuesday night, North Star District was once again recognized for its successful efforts in moving the rechartering process forward.

Thank you to all of the Unit Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners for those efforts. You deserve the recognition.

Even so, the work is not yet done.

At this time, three units have successfully posted as completed to the BSA rechartering system with all paperwork, dues, and training completed: Pack 35, Troop 56, and Troop 514.

Due to a technology glitch, three other units that should also have been posted to the national system have been stalled due to no fault of the units: Pack 586, Troop 35, and Troop 269. Those units have done all the requirements to recharter, but the BSA system has not allowed the Council Registrar to process their paperwork. The units have each been advised of the problem. We hope that no other units will have this problem in the future with the technology maintenance due Friday night.

We have seven units that have completed all paperwork and dues payments but are awaiting training completion. (See post on problems with Training Manager.) Of those seven units, five of them only have one or two persons in need of training. Those units are Pack 105, Pack 175, Pack 514, Troop 18, and Troop 804. Most of those trainings are available online (except for Scoutmasters or Assistant Scoutmasters) or in-person in the next several weeks.

Eleven units have submitted partial paperwork. Of those, one of them is only a dues payment issue. The rest have training issues, too.

Six units have submitted their rosters online but have submitted no paperwork.

Four units have started the online process but for various reasons are stuck. Most of those are due to staffing issues that need to be resolved, and not for lack of effort to recharter.

Remember that the deadline for completing rechartering is November 20th. All units needs to be working toward meeting that deadline. That being said, all units have had open lines of communications with the Commissioners and the DE, so we are aware of most problems in rechartering. We are ready, willing and able to make ourselves available for one-on-one meetings with units to help bridge remaining gaps. Please let the Commissioners know if you wish to exercise this opportunity.

UPDATED 11/18/16 at 1:54 pm: Thanks to the diligent effort of many units, we have had many improvements since the earlier report.

The following units have completed all three parts of rechartering: paperwork, dues payment, and training. Those units are:

  • Pack 35, Pack 105, Pack 514, Pack 586 (4 packs); and
  • Troop 35, Troop 56, Troop 73, Troop 191, Troop 269, Troop 514, and Troop 804 (7 troops).

The following units have completed all paperwork and dues payments. They only need to complete training:

  • Pack 64, Pack 171, Pack 175, Pack 179, Pack 358-0  (Delaware Tribe), Pack 358-2 (Miami Tribe), Pack 358-3 (Munsee Tribe), and Pack 358-4 (Shawnee Tribe) (8 packs/tribes);
  • Troop 18, and Troop 358 (2 troops); and
  • Crew 408.

That leaves 4 packs, 3 troops, and 3 crews needing to turn in paperwork, dues and training certificates.

Don’t forget to sign up for training in-person to get credit as trained.